Our Process

If you would like to receive an offer from us:

Simply fill out our convenient online form, or call us at 214-361-5949.

It is our goal to make the selling process as easy as possible. Therefore, we have created a three-step process for selling your oil and gas royalties or mineral property:

Once we have your information, we create an offer packet that includes a mineral and royalty deed, bank draft and simple instructions. Instead of asking you to do all of the research, we attempt to prepare the offer in advance using the best public sources available.

Read the materials you receive thoroughly for accuracy. Call us to correct any legal errors or inconsistencies or to clarify your understanding of the materials. (Of course, feel free to consult your attorney.)

Once you decide to sell at an agreed-upon price, our offices will handle all of the documentation required in order to make the ownership transfer. Including deed preparation, title work, tax office notification, oil company notification and any other transfer documents necessary.

Once we confirm Proof of Ownership, you can select between two options for promptly receiving payment:
(1) present the bank draft to you local bank, or
(2) return the requested materials to us (detailed in the instructions) and receive a check directly from us.

If you have already received an offer from us:

The bank draft amount included in your offer has been calculated using the recent appraised value of your interests from the county tax office in which your minerals are located, along with other public sources.

If your offer appears too low to you, then either your value is appraised too low at the county tax office (and you may not be paying enough in property taxes) or market conditions have changed, in which case we would be happy to recalculate your final offer amount. So that you know, the county tax office is in charge of making sure your appraised value is correct and up-to-date. We are always in contact with them to ensure that our offers are as accurate as possible.

We will also work with you to clear up any heirship problems in order for you to sell your share. However, keep in mind the heirship process does take time, especially in the event of a deceased relative or missing relative. Also be aware that hiring your own attorney to clear up any family or heirship matters may eat up any monies you have coming, particularly on a small interest. A better option may be to consult with our office staff to sell your interest and take a lump sum payment.

Our office land staff and Southwest’s contract attorneys will strive to save time, money and legal fees for us both. Feel free to contact your own attorney with questions concerning the sales process, document preparation or their pricing for this type of work if you would rather pay for this service yourself.

If you are unsure as to what you actually own or have inherited, our office will contact the oil company on your behalf to gather the needed information to make you a fair market offer. Ask us about our Ownership Research Form letter, which gives us permission to work directly with the oil company or operator that pays your royalty on your behalf.

If you have questions about an offer you have received from our company or any other company, please call us to discuss. We will be more than happy to walk you through our thinking and clear up any concerns that you may have. We are available 24/7 to help you with your needs.

Once you decide to sell, no one makes the process easier.

Let us help you gather what you need from your current operator.

You can sell a portion of your large account and keep the rest.

Depending on size and location we also buy non-producing property.

Attention Lease Operators and Landmen: