Company History

Southwest Petroleum Company, L.P., is a privately owned company founded in 1987 in Houston, Texas. With our professional staff and unsurpassed expertise, the company has well over 100 years of collective oil and gas experience. Today, our company is involved in property acquisitions, leasing, drilling and the prospecting for oil and gas through various partnerships we have created over the course of our time in business.

Southwest began operations with the idea of providing owners of smaller royalty interests the means to access the same level of expertise and individual attention as larger owners. We developed an easy-to-understand, all-in-one packet of information. We made fair market offers. We streamlined our operations to typically close in just a matter of days instead of the standard 30 to 60 days. And we handled all of the follow-up paperwork and legal filings at no additional cost. It was an underserved need from a business standpoint and meant a lot of work for little reward.

Over the years, Southwest continued to grow based on this level of providing personal service, being a good listener and maintaining our sense of fair play. Today, we purchase not only oil and gas royalties but also mineral interests on both producing and nonproducing lands across the country, each ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to as much as several million dollars.

Along the way, we’ve done our best to treat every owner with the same high level of respect and honest discourse. At Southwest, we pride ourselves on being competitive with every offer and handling every transaction with the highest standard of integrity, personal service and professionalism.

Simplifying Lives
Over the years, our efforts have reduced the number of outstanding royalty owners and as a result have streamlined many companies’ operations and simplified people’s lives.

Oil companies now have thousands fewer royalty checks to print and mail each month, less 1099s to send out each year and more time and attention to give to their current owners.

Property taxing agencies have less accounting work and administration headaches to deal with, which saves them time. And because Southwest likely pays federal taxes at a higher rate than the average royalty owner, federal agencies are collecting additional income, which is good for the country.

Individual owners are relieved of keeping up with the growing number of federal, state and county forms and tax filings and can have peace of mind knowing they received a fair settlement for their mineral and royalty interests.

Our Interests Have Grown
Southwest Petroleum Company, L.P., has expanded our business beyond purchasing oil and gas royalties to include the acquisition of mineral interests on both producing and nonproducing acreage. And as a result, we also lease our land to operators who may be interested in developing new operations.

Good Partners Make Us Stronger
We are fortunate to have a strong crew of smart and capable partners whom we call on to provide the clout we need in both legal and financial matters.

Once you decide to sell, no one makes the process easier.

Let us help you gather what you need from your current operator.

You can sell a portion of your large account and keep the rest.

Depending on size and location we also buy non-producing property.

Attention Lease Operators and Landmen: