How to Consolidate
Your Royalty Accounts

Here’s a smart idea: Let us do the work. For free.

Royalty Account Solutions, L.P. (RAS), our sister
company, has helped many operators reduce the
number of royalty payment accounts in their system
by following a simple, proven process:

  • RAS covers 100% of the expense.
  • RAS will mail customized purchase offer letters
    to all owners in your royalty owner database,
    or any portion of your database you choose.
  • RAS will advertise to sellers with a pre-printed
    message on the bottom of your royalty check
    stubs each month.
  • RAS works to complete the transaction through
    a valid deed and title transfer.

To learn more about Royalty Account Solutions, L.P.
click here. Or call our offices in Dallas at 214-361-5949
and in Houston at 713-972-1527.

We can consolidate
hundreds or even thousands
of royalty accounts into
one, more manageable account.
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